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BoomCo Stealth Ambush Review

The BoomCo Stealth Ambush blaster is a spring operated, clip fed blaster with an integrated shotgun in the rear of the shell.

Range: 6/10
Accuracy: 8/10
Rate of fire: 8/10
Capacity: 7/10
Ergonomics/comfort: 7/10
Coop’s Overall Rating: 8/10 - would blast

Chronograph Readings (in feet per second):

- Clip fed
- Secret shotgun blaster is fun
- High rate of fire

- Velocity could be better
- BoomCo darts are still new/scarce on the field

This BoomCo blaster is certainly fun to use. The clip fed portion shoots well and feeds smoothly and the rear shotgun is definitely a blast to use. If you're seeking a BoomCo blaster, I would definitely recommend checking this one out.

Locked. Top blaster will not deploy.

Unlocked - ready to deploy.

Compatible with the larger magazine.