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The Stryshot

posted Jul 18, 2015, 2:41 PM by Coop772   [ updated Sep 22, 2015, 10:35 PM ]
The idea behind this modification was to put a Longshot shell around a Stryfe to fool plebes into thinking your OP-AF flywheel blaster was just a Longshot. This is the main reason why I did not integrate anything into the bipod area of the Longshot - to make it more recognizable as a Longshot. The stock elevation change distorts the Longshot appearance, but I still think it hides the Stryfe well. Whether you want to call this an overhauled Longshot or a Stryfe with plastic glued on is up to you, haha.

- Electronic locks removed
- Mechanical locks removed
- Internal moving parts re-lubricated
- Longshot shell integrated

Paint Job
- Black vinyl dye base coat
- Citadel silver accents
- Citadel green details
- Citadel red blood spatter
- Duplicolor matte clear coat

Project Resources
Stryfe: Amazon LINK
Longshot: Amazon LINK - Target LINK
Bondo: Amazon LINK
Smooth Cast 65D: Amazon LINK

Let's begin...

Initial cuts. I had to cut into the Stryfe shell quite a bit to allow it to mate with the Longshot's center-line. This gaping hole actually isn't affecting the motor housing or the housing mounts.

Close up on the carnage.

The time consuming part of the Longshot fitting was figuring out exactly what needed to be removed. This is the type of project that goes by about 10 times faster the second time you do it. (so look at my images and save yourself the time, haha!)

The asymmetrical Stryfe shell makes this side less picky about the fit.

The initial bond was done with solvent weld immediately followed by hot glue.

The name's Bond. Initial Bond (James Bond voice activated)

Epoxy putty reinforcements.

Smooth Cast 65D application.

If you do this mod, you can set the stock to different lengths or heights. I chose this orientation mostly to get the top of the blasters to be sort of flat. It's all personal preference.

The initial bond of the stock was also done with solvent weld and hot glue.

Smooth Cast 65D application. The goofy colored stuff is Play-Doh - I use it to create barriers to control the flow of the Smooth Cast 65D. It runs like water so you need to control it to ensure it's effective.
I also cut a hole in the top of the Stryfe to let the 65D ooze in to make the bond stronger. I only did that on the right shell (bottom one in this picture).

Bonds have been made. It's now sturdy enough to play a Nerf game with!

Bondo application.

Bondo after sanding.

Bondo after sanding.

Bondo is great to make the elevation changes less sloppy looking. The magwell elevation change is still pretty drastic, but it's at least smooth(ish).

Primer coat

Primer coat.

After detail work

Clear coat.

The stock Longshot faux barrel wasn't long enough to reach from the flywheel housing to the LS tip, so I cut a Worker barrel down to fit snugly in place. I added less than an inch, but it ensures the darts fly well.

Thanks for reading,
- Coop