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Stryfly - Stryfe, Firefly, & Roughcut Integration

posted Apr 11, 2014, 11:16 AM by Coop772   [ updated Apr 14, 2014, 7:55 PM ]
This is a Stryfe with a Firefly stock integrated. It also has a detachable Retaliator/Recon barrel with an integrated Rough Cut.

- Trigger lock removed
- Dart lock removed
- Magazine lock removed
- Electronic locks removed
- Trigger lubricated (super smooth motion)
- Voltage increased
- Firefly stock integrated
- Rough Cut integrated into detachable Retaliator barrel
- Retaliator barrel replaced with 3/4" thinwall PVC (using the front attachment DOESN'T hinder range)
- Blue LEDs added (each circuit running on a 9v battery)

Paint Job

- Black vinyl dye base coat
- Krylon 'Hot Pink' accents
- Krylon 'Ocean Blue' details
- Krylon 'Chrome' dry brushing
- Rustoleum matte clear coat
- All internals remain unpainted to maintain perfect function

Concept image. I sometimes make these to show Nerf friends what I'm thinking about before I begin work.

By using the rails to align this integration, it's close to impossible to screw up the alignment, ensuring the Roughcut is perfectly aligned for both side to side and elevation.

Snug fit.

These two rods help connect the two shells. There isn't overlapping plastic for this integration so this strengthens the connection and ensures the blasters won't separate if struck or dropped.

The wiring certainly isn't clean, but it works :)

I don't usually use these connectors for Nerf blasters. However, being able to simply untwist these wires allows me to separate the shell halves completely for internal maintenance.

The LEDs are run on a 9v battery housed in the Firefly battery compartment.

The Stryfe runs on 3-4 Ultrafire batteries housed in the stock battery harness.

These LEDs light up both sides of the shells. They are centered to blaster light equally to both sides. The faux PVC barrel is also covered in aluminum tape to reflect more light outward.

The trigger was trimmed to allow full movement with the 9v battery placement.