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Strayven - Stryfe with Rayven Shell and Strongarm Integration

posted Apr 11, 2014, 11:50 AM by Coop772   [ updated Apr 11, 2014, 1:02 PM ]
- Electronic locks removed
- Mechanical locks removed
- Thermistor removed
- Resistors removed
- Trigger lubricated
- Voltage increased w/ UltraFires (~16v)
- Rayven shell integrated
- Homemade "Firefly Tech" added
- Strongarm integrated
  + AR removed
  + Barrel posts removed
  + Priming mech lubricated

Paint Job:
- Black vinyl dye primer
- Dark gray vinyl dye base
- Krylon "Sun Yellow" accents
- Citadel "Lothern Blue" details
- Citadel "Abaddon Black" details
- Krylon "Chrome" drybrushing
- Rustoleum matte clear coat

I published a full tutorial on how to build this on NerfHaven:

Test fit. It's pretty tight. This attachment is designed for only the Stryfe. It won't just fit on any N-strike blaster anymore.

Gorilla glue is nasty but incredibly strong.

The new PVC faux barrel allows for less dart bouncing in the barrel extension, which restricts range less than the stock faux barrel.

This hole in the trigger allows me to zip tie the trigger, enabling full-time slam fire. This makes the Strongarm usable with only one hand very quickly.

Homemade "firefly tech" allows me to use and illuminate glow-darts without the heavy, bulky magazines that require batteries. Now only the blaster needs batteries.