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Rapidstrike / Strongarm Integration

posted Apr 11, 2014, 12:20 PM by Coop772   [ updated Apr 11, 2014, 12:59 PM ]
- Thermistor / resistors removed
- Electronic locks removed
- Mechanical locks removed
- Moving parts lubricated
- Strongarm integrated into RS rail
- Extreme 180 motor replacement
- Running on upgraded batteries (UltraFires)

Paint Job:

- Duplicolor Black vinyl dye primer
- Duplicolor "Dark Shadow Gray" base color
- Krylon "Red Pepper" accents
- Krylon "Chrome" details
- Rust-oleum matte clear coat
- "Rogue" stenciled into side of shell

You can buy the motors here:

Initial connection

Epoxy putty to make the bond smoother and stronger.

Shield to protect the motors from damage.

The slide needs to be cut in order to fit around the magazine.

It's important to paint the inside of the blaster to make sure the blaster looks complete from every angle.

Extreme 180's are longer than the stock motors and protrude from the shell. These holes allow the motors to fit though the shell. The shield shown above protects the motors from damage.

I didn't paint the back of the magazine to allow the user to see how much ammo they have remaining.

I didn't paint the top of the magazine to allow perfect function. A layer of paint makes the magazine slide less smoothly in the magazine well.

Painted motor shield.

Clearance test.