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Center blaster:
Locks removed
Motor resistance removed
Rewired to 4 x AA tray (running on 3 Trustfires + 1 dud)

Outer blasters:
Shells minimized
Locks removed
Motor resistance removed
Motors replaced with RM2s
Feeding mech run on 9v battery (shared by both outer blasters)
Rewired to switches located in the center blaster
Motors rewired to 4 x AA tray (shared by both outer blasters)

Paint Job:

Black vinyl dye primer
Duplicolor blue base coat
Citadel "Screamer Pink" accents
Citadel " YELLOW" details
Duplicolor matte clear coat
Motors I used:
Trustfire batteries:
Dummy batteries:
Paint I used:

I used standoffs to connect the three shells. They are attached on the inside, so they have to be connected before shutting the shells.


Base coat



Cleared out internals of one of the side blasters.