The purpose of this page is for me to store files for viewers to download.

Outlines are intended for painters to try different color combinations and color locations before buying or applying their paint. These outlines are not perfect and should not be used for mechanical measurements. If you use a PC, you can simply right click 'edit' after you download the item to launch the file in Microsoft Paint. Once in MS Paint, you can use the paint bucket function to apply color to certain areas of the shell rather easily. If you want to use black as a paint color, I would recommend changing the line color to gray.

I will not be making outlines for every single Nerf blaster available. I make these outlines for my own projects and am sharing them here in case anyone else can get use from them. I don't take requests for these outlines - they take quite a while for me to make so I only do them for my own projects. 

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