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How to Buy from Taobao

posted Jun 29, 2015, 8:13 PM by Coop772   [ updated Jun 29, 2015, 8:39 PM ]
Buying things from Tabao can be tricky if you don't speak Chinese. Even if you use a translator, it's difficult to setup an account and arrange shipping through the site. This brief tutorial is meant to make this process easier.

1) Search for the item you want
- Using English to find the items you are seeking may be difficult. I'd recommend keeping your search inquiries basic, such as '2015 nerf', 'nerf leak', or just the blaster name. The titles aren't in English so you may miss items with this method and it will likely require browsing through a few pages of products before you find what you're seeking.

2) The buying process
- As I mentioned, checking out on Taobao is annoying/impossible. To counter this, you can use a 3rd party purchasing service such as BuyChina. BuyChina will let you buy the item you want while using their English platform and offers customer service from people that speak fluent English.
- To start, go to Find the search bar at the top of the homepage and enter the URL of the item you want to buy from Taobao (copy and paste the full Taobao URL directly into this search bar). You can use this search bar to actually search for items, but you may be missing products. I personally find the items on Taobao and only search by URL on BuyChina.
- After you submit the URL into the search bar, you will be taken to the item page. The listing will be translated to English so you can confirm the item is what you're looking for. The price of the item and shipping will also be listed in your currency.

3) Check out
- Checking out on BuyChina is just like other online shops. You add the item(s) to your cart and place the order with a credit card.
- After you submit the order, you will receive an email confirmation. There is a delay between when you order through BuyChina and when the item is actually purchased, which results in slower shipping.

Buying parts this way can be cumbersome, but the items offered on Taobao are often exclusive to the site, so it's worth it to many people. Hopefully this guide helps you snag some nice Nerf deals. :)

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