About Me
My name is Frank Cooper. I've been playing with Nerf blasters since I was a youngster, but only began modifying them in 2007. I got pulled into this hobby and its community because of my fascination with how things work. I love taking things apart and studying diagrams to see what makes them tick and how they can be improved.

I grew up in Columbus, Ohio but currently reside in Fort Myers, Florida. Besides Nerf modifications, my other interests include cars/driving, film, photography, golf, tennis, cooking, and reading. I spend much of my free time online researching odd topics and learning about various interests. I love the opportunity the Internet has afforded me to find an elaborate answer to any question that pops up throughout the day. There is always a guy in a group of friends that whips out a smart phone when someone says, "I wonder why [question here]?" and no one knows the answer - I am that guy. I proudly identify as a nerd and feel no shame in expressing my interest in mechanical tinkering, sci-fi/fantasy film/texts, and my habit of over-analyzing the world around me. Nerds rules the world!

If you'd like to get in contact with me, please use one of the options listed below. If you have a general modding question, please know that I get dozens of "help me fix this!" emails a day. I simply do not have the time to type out instructions to everyone that has an issue with their toy. Please consult my list of tutorial videos on YouTube for assistance with your modifications.


My Accounts

Email (best way to contact me): Coop772@gmail.com

Facebook Fan Page: LINK

Instagram: Coop772 LINK

My Sites

Coop772 Nerf (the site you're on right now) LINK

Unicorn Tactical - My Nerf Webstore LINK

Coop772 - YouTube LINK

Coop772 Bonus - YouTube LINK

Frank Cooper - YouTube LINK